GIRL: “Don’t go through what I went through”

“My Simple letter to you Girl,”

highlights the harsh realities of a girl child that are normally ignored by society in spite of their devastating damage to her fragile heart. Written in an easy to read letter format, this book carries rich lessons about life issues and crises we face in everyday life. The author shares some humorous and embarrassing moments in her own life as a girl from a perspective that everyone who reads can understand and relate to. In her simple easy to read language, Tanase educates the girl child using a tinge of humour so that her message can easily get across. Whilst this letter is primarily addressed to a girl, the rich experiences in this book can be read and enjoyed by anyone.

“GIRL”Now available on Amazon and Amazon Australia only for $11.99 so cheap.. get yours and be one of the first to laugh and learn. Just type TANASE BANDA and you will find the book!

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