Vees Voice!

One common mistake a lot of people make is entering into relationships hoping the other person will
make them feel whole or fill up the emptiness or void inside them or in other terms “make them the
happiest man/woman ever” and live happily ever after.
Dont be mistaken , thats not how it works. Life is no fairytale . No one else can ever make you feel whole
but yourself. One has to come to terms with who they are as an individual and learn to love themselves.
If you cant love yourself then how else do you expect anyone else to love you?!.
You find a lot of couples fighting all because one feels as though the other person is not doing enough to
make them happy. Now that just makes me want to hurl, your happiness is not anybody elses
responsiblity but your own. Dont get me wrong, there are certain things a man or woman is expected to
deliver when in a relationship, however that does not give one reason to feel they are owed happiness by
the other when these so called “expectations” or “needs” are not met.”
A clash or encounter with a void person maybe looking for someone to fill up their emptiness may just
result in a chaotic relationshp. Some will somehow manage to sulvage the relationship and make it work
but many at times it often leads to toxic , abusive relationships whereby co-dependecy traits are
Being co-dependant on someone when in a relationship automatically gives that person power over you.
Why would you ever want anyone to have that much control over you or your happiness?. I have seen a
lot of people stay in unhappy and abusive relationships because they have grown so dependant on the
other person. They feel as though without them their life can not go on, or they lose themselves. They
think of all the time they have invested , all the money etc, and worst of all not sure why it would even
matter but they also think about “what will people say?” WAKE UP! You dont live for people.
Of course theres always the “but i love him/ her so much”. Well dont be a fool and be blinded by love. Its
like a drug and can be all consuming. It can easily become an addiction and slowly lead you on a road of
destruction while you wear your rose colored glasses.
Fear of being alone is a reality that not everyone is willing to face up to and deal with. There is nothing
wrong with being single bro, nor is there anything wrong with being single sis. You are no good to
anyone if you yourself are not in a good place and are still dealing with your personal demons. Work on
yourself, find yourself, and most importantly LOVE yourself.
A better you attracts an even better boo..
Basically, all Vee is trying to say is this, if you feel youre unhappy with yourself or you havent truly
discovered who you are,or youre still battling your own inner demons or feeling empty, Dont try to fill a
void by entering into a relationship. Save yourself the heartbreak.

“Stay true to yourself”

-Ivy Zee

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